Crinkle Cut

Crinkle Cut found their roots as an all-girl acoustic soul-quartet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011 and have steadily grown to become a cornerstone of soul music in the city’s independent music scene. Anchored by the vocal prowess of Frances Tsen, Melissa Sasa on guitars, melodic keys of Grace Foo and percussionist Ashley Choong, Crinkle Cut has built a reputation for putting on enamouring and engaging performances that make them one of the scene’s best live bands.

Drawing influences from musical icons like Lianne La Havas, Emily King and John Mayer, Crinkle Cut has fused together a series of different musical styles. Combining elements of R&B, funk, gospel, jazz and soul with a tinge of pop sensibilities, their knack for interesting textures and sounds has set them apart from their musical peers.

Writing and playing together over the years, Crinkle Cut has made appearances at events by TimeOut KL, Jameson Live, Guinness Flavour by Fire and many more. The band went on write and record their debut EP b_tt_rsw__t, which was released in January of 2018. They have since released 5 singles and are looking to release their debut album in 2020.

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Sweet Nothings


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