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A cathartic escape from the troubles of the world lie in the bedroom and living room of a close friend’s rented house; Sam Lopez started lost spaces as a safe place where he could get away from the mess of his own mind. There, he would be isolated with his creativity to write and create. 

Influenced by the likes of HalfNoise, Seoul, The 1975 and Toro Y Moi this solo project grew into a band which he started with his brother (Lukas Lopez on drums), cousin (Imran Marshall on bass) and family friend (Keane Chua on guitars). They ventured out and played shows around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. 

What began as an individual’s journey in finding his own place in this world, lost spaces is a space that he wants to create for everyone from all walks of life to be drawn to and lose themselves in. A place where they can find meaning in a somewhat meaningless life. lost spaces aims to make music for people to vibe, groove and by extension, get lost in.

lost spaces recently released their debut single titled fake.guitars and the track has amassed about 200,000 streams and listens on all platforms.

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