Indie darling Talitha was born and bred under the busy city lights of Kuala Lumpur where she has crafted a reputation as an endearing and lovable songstress with a brilliant voice to match her soulful music vibe. Backed by an array of outstanding musicians, Talitha’s live sets never fail to amazing and expect to be serenaded by her heart-crafted tunes.

Having started out in the music industry about 6 years ago, she has graced many stages, be it big events and festivals within the city of Kuala Lumpur and beyond. Regionally Talitha has performed at Urbanscapes, Publika Jazz Fest, Tiger Bites and Good Vibes Festival 2017. Her international event resume isn’t short of impressive, with appearances at events such as SKY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 in Japan, LENKA’s Asia Tour, and Malaysia’s very own S.E.A. Games 2017 closing ceremony. 

Her hit debut single “Okay”, was met with critical acclaim and reviews, garnering 1.6 Million streams on Spotify while raking up plenty of plays of radio, on a heavy rotation. 

Talitha has worked with some of Malaysia’s best and international artists, such as Man Bai, Darren Ashley, Ali Aiman, SonaOne and Tatsuro Miller, just to name a few. Apart from her musical endeavours, Talitha also is passionate about fitness, parkour, rock climbing, motorcross and powerlifting to fill her adrenaline quota on a daily basis. .

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